Sunday, June 13, 2010

Stanley Lincoln Gedney, Jr. - Inventor

Stanley Lincoln Gedney, Jr. is not a direct relation to this writer. Our connection is that his father is the brother to my Great-Grandmother Marietta Eloise Starrett (nee Gedney). A graduate of Yale University he was an Attorney by trade and education. He earned his Juris Doctorate from NYU in 1914. Admitted to The New Jersey bar in 1914 he joined the law practice of his Uncle Jerome Dudley Gedney. On his 1917 Draft Registration card he lists his place of employment as the Law firm Gedney, McBride & Gedney located at 525 Main Street East Orange, New Jersey. In 1924 he married Francis Marion Barton and they had four children all of whom are still living today. The oldest, Joan is an abstract artist. Judith is a Medical Doctor who recently retired after 45 years as the State of Delaware Assistant Medical Examiner. Stanley III is an Attorney and Marion is a Clinical Psychologist having earned her PhD. from McGill University.

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